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29 May, 2016 at Bahadurgarh

7 QC Tools and SPC Training

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Skewness and Measures of Skewness (PDF Tutorial)
When data is not symmetric then it is skewed. The skewness may be positive and negative. If there is no skewness in the data then the data is symmetric. The tutorial explains the concept of skewness with measures of skewness.
Practical Information
Technical Information

Content :

  • What is symmetric data?
  • What is skewness?
  • Types of skewness
  • Condition of skewness
  • Illustrative examples
  • Multiple choice questions for practice with answer key.
  • Learning objectives: 

  • Understanding skewness
  • Impact of skewness on data
  • How to calculate the skewness in data using Karl Pearson method, Bowley's method and Kelly's method?
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