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29 May, 2016 at Bahadurgarh

7 QC Tools and SPC Training

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QFD: Quality Function Deployment
Quality function deployment is a planning tool used to fulfil customer expectations through translation of customer expectations into technical or engineering characteristics. House of quality is used for understanding voice of customer, voice of business, prioritizing them, prioritizing technical descriptors and the process of manufacturing, and competitive analysis


  • In-depth evaluation of product design or engineering characteristics
  • Improve engineering knowledge, productivity and quality
  • Understand Voice of customer and Voice of business
  • Reduce cost and product development time.

Course Highlights

  • Meaning of QFD
  • Objective of QFD
  • QFD Team
  • Voice of customer
  • House of Quality
  • Structure of House of Quality
  • Step by step construction of House of Quality
  • Refinement of QFD chart

Course Duration

  • One day; 9am to 5pm

Program Highlights

  • Interactive learning
  • Course notes, hand-outs with practice data and excel templates
  • Using excel for building house of quality
  • Networking lunch and Tea breaks
  • Simulative project
  • Learning evaluation

Who should attend this course?

  • Junior, Middle, Senior level working executives, Team leaders, Process Trainers from Quality, HR, Production, Engineering, Maintenance, Sales, and Accounts dept. in manufacturing and service industries.
  • Academicians, Researchers, and Students from management and engineering colleges.
  • Students of graduation and Post-graduation with mathematics and statistics as main subject for career boost.


  • Course fee; Rs.5000/- per participant.
  • Group discount is 15% for 5 or more participants i.e. Rs.4250/- per participant in group
  • Fees can be deposited by Cash/Cheque/DD/NEFT
  • Fees included lunch, tea breaks, and course notes.
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